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(19-250) Holley Easy Level™ Fuel Level Sender

(19-250) Holley Easy Level™ Fuel Level Sender

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Universal floatless laser fuel level sender

"Best Engineered New Product" Winner at the 2023 SEMA Show - Our all-new Holley Easy Level(TM) sender uses LiDAR technology to precisely measure the depth of fuel remaining in your tank and works with all Classic Instruments' fuel gauges, including short-sweep, full-sweep, and selectable ohm range fuel gauges. It also works with many other gauge brands. This model is compatible with tanks ranging from 4-to-39-inches. Setup is a breeze with the on-board buttons. Easily set empty and full tank positions, with reserve, right on your workbench before installing and then set the empty, half, and full positions on the gauge. The desired dampening rate is adjusted with dip switches right on the unit to reduce fuel slosh and gauge bounce by adjusting how fast or slow the gauge reacts to the fuel level change. Plus the necessary screws and gasket for installation are included. Upgrade Classic Instruments' or other brands' gauge sets to capture the benefits of LiDAR, "laser imaging, detection, and ranging" technology. This exciting and innovative automotive application replaces vulnerable moving parts with a hi-tech laser; technology that has been used successfully in other applications for many years. An instruction sheet is included for Classic Instruments and other standard gauges. See additional instruction sheet below for AutoMeter applications. Besides the problems encountered with float setup, hitting baffles or tank wall, this eliminates having to set up the float type sender so saves time and effort. Max operating temperature of 185 degrees


  • Quickly reads fuel levels with zero contact

  • Easy installation with no moving parts - popular 5 bolt flange

  • Long life sensor and no failing floats

  • Easy to program the level of any tank and electronic gauge - does not work with OE style gauges that utilize an ohm only input

  • Bolt Circle Diameter (BCD) is 2.122"

  • Output is a PWM signal for 12 Volt applications (10 volts to 20 volts maximum)

  • Includes mounting hardware and rubber gasket

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